Send Groceries and Meals to family and friends in Liberia using LIBdelivery

Order groceries online Liberia

As COVID-19 spreads across Africa, Voice of America (VOA) highlighted local delivery businesses in West Africa to assess how the pandemic has impacted their businesses. Fabunde Mamey, founder of LIBdelivery stated that online sales have increased since the first case occurred in Liberia. For more on the story, visit or click here (forward to 6:58) Since its origin in September 2018, LIBdelivery has been a reliable medium for Liberians around the world to send food, groceries and other packages to family and friends in Liberia.

How do I order food and groceries for someone in Liberia?

One can order by simply visiting, adding items like meals or groceries to the cart and paying with PayPal or Credit/Debit card. The address and number of the person in Liberia are provided during checkout. This information is used to successfully deliver the items.

Where are the meals and groceries purchased from?

Currently, all items on LIBdelivery are purchased from local businesses like restaurants, supermarkets, and others. This helps boost the local economy and shorten delivery time to an hour on average. As the world experiences a pandemic, many Liberians in the diaspora are using LIBdelivery to purchase and deliver groceries and other essential goods to their loved ones. This helps limit human interaction to slow the spread of the virus.

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